Project: EQEmuLauncher


EQEmuLauncher is a EverQuest-Patcher and launcher for the server network.


Version 2 (Not released)

  • [Change] Launcher news uses awesomium now
  • [New Feature] Server patch settings
  • [New Feature] EverQuest Directory Finder
  • [New Feature] Monitor Servers
  • [New Feature] WinEQ2 Support
  • [New Feature] eqclient.ini Editor
  • [New Feature] API: Serverfiles: Delete Files added
  • [New Feature] Patch Tracker
  • [New Feature] Offline Mode
  • [New Feature] API: Stats

Version 1.75 (Not released)

  • [Fix] ServerAdmin: Fix deletion of Filegroups and Filegroup-Files
  • [New Feature] ServerAdmin: Add Folders

Version 1.71 (Released)

  • [Fix] IOException when trying to execute ErrorReport, when its already running
  • [Fix] Other tiny bug fixes

Version 1.7 (Released)

  • [Fix] catch UnauthorizedAccessException when getting hash
  • [Fix] fixed bug with boundaries
  • [Fix] added permission check to retreive hash function
  • [Fix] disabled launching EQ when no eqgame.exe is selected

Version 1.65 (Released)

  • [Change] Removed Awesomium again

Version 1.62 (Released)

  • [Change] API: Serverlist layout
  • [Change] Terms & Options Window Layout
  • [Change] Change layout of scrollbars
  • [Change] Serverlist uses awesomium now
  • [Fix] News URL wrong when no server selected.
  • [Fix] Fixed some graphic issues
  • [New Feature] API: Ability to set server owner
  • [New Feature] API: Server Administration for Server Admins
  • [New Feature] API: Serverlist: Show server informations on hover
  • [New Feature] Cronjob: Get additional infos from servers
  • [New Feature] Cronjob: Add server info retreiving cronjob
  • [New Feature] Links in serverlist description now clickable

Version 1.61 (Released)

  • [Change] Changed server-select-button position
  • [Fix] Fixed Image Quality

Version 1.6 (Released)

  • [Fix] Fix Main Layout
  • [New Feature] API: Implement Server News
  • [Task] Bugtesting

Version 1.54 (Released)

  • [Fix] Issue with Server Name Lengths
  • [Fix] Launch with only 1 cpu works now
  • [New Feature] Ask for Admin privileges if neccessary
  • [New Feature] API: Make serverfile path editable
  • [New Feature] Several missing options added
  • [New Feature] API: Error reporting
  • [New Feature] Logging
  • [New Feature] HTML Serverlist
  • [New Feature] Client Detection
  • [New Feature] Error Handling
  • [New Feature] eqhosts.txt patching
  • [New Feature] EQDirectory patching
  • [New Feature] EQDirectory backup
  • [Task] Implement Error Reporting