2013-04-09EQEmuLauncher Beta started!


I'm happy to announce, that the beta phase has started.

Here is the download:
EQEmuLauncher Beta V1.71 Setup *

As of right now, Akka's Fun House is up to date.
The Hidden Forrest is joining the beta aswell, and custom server files for THF will be available soon.
If you are a server owner and would like to participate in the beta (and after), send me a mail to moe at
Until the feedback-system is done, you can use the comments to post feedback. I'm looking forward to it.

* (If you prefer the binary files without a setup, you will find it in the downloads section)


2015-12-29 20:21:59 Ashwin (Guest)

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2013-04-20 18:46:57 hellangel

uh great.. thanks for the info arosian!

2013-04-20 16:49:28 arosian (Guest)

Downloaded this but can't launch it at all. When I launch, it says the application has expired because the developer used an evaluation version of "Gapotchenko's Eazfuscator .NET which is only licensed for testing purposes."

2013-04-19 23:31:34 hellangel

maximum, "Please take a moment and read through the terms and conditions." where is the typo? am i blind? =)

2013-04-19 23:10:49 maximum (Guest)

The Terms & Conditions has a typo in the first line.

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