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2015-09-11EQEmulauncher is back


Finally the down time is over, and the launcher is up again.
Due to the data loss, the server files are not up 2 date and the admins need to update them - sorry for that.

The hosting is now way more secure against hardware failures and also DDoS, so i hope you will enjoy it as much as i do!


Moe a.k.a Rumzuck


MoesTaverne was now down for more than a month, but i finally managed to get the server i wanted and finish the move.

The "Old Moestaverne" is back for now, but there will be a lot of changes in the near future and i am really looking forward to that :)

Have a good one,


2013-04-29New Servers


I'm happy to announce that "The Hidden Forest" and "PEQ The Grand Creation" now joined the beta aswell :)

Project 1999 is still not in the beta, Nilbog is still trying reach Rogean.

2013-04-25Server Issues


I am aware of the server issues (seems to be some memory problem). The new Hetzner server is already there, I just need to finish setting it up and move.

Until that happens, i will keep an eye on
I have a Raspberry PI, that I am using as a "shellbox" when I'm in windows and I recently added the BerryClip and thought why not use it to monitor - so whenever I am home, this little guy tells me if there is a problem, so I hope to reduce the overall downtime to a minimum.

Raspberry PI and BerryClip

2013-04-15Version 1.71 released


Changelog Version 1.71:
- [Fix] IOException when trying to execute ErrorReport, when its already running
- [Fix] Other tiny bug fixes

Changelog Version 1.7:
- [Fix] catch UnauthorizedAccessException when getting hash
- [Fix] fixed bug with boundaries
- [Fix] added permission check to retreive hash function
- [Fix] disabled launching EQ when no eqgame.exe is selected

*UPDATE: In V1.66 if EQEmuLauncher crashes when saving options, it is because it has no rights to access eqgame.exe. Just close the option window by clicking the X on the right top and let the launcher update to 1.71 first.

2013-04-09EQEmuLauncher Beta started!


I'm happy to announce, that the beta phase has started.

Here is the download:
EQEmuLauncher Beta V1.71 Setup *

As of right now, Akka's Fun House is up to date.
The Hidden Forrest is joining the beta aswell, and custom server files for THF will be available soon.
If you are a server owner and would like to participate in the beta (and after), send me a mail to moe at
Until the feedback-system is done, you can use the comments to post feedback. I'm looking forward to it.

* (If you prefer the binary files without a setup, you will find it in the downloads section)

2013-03-17Comments added


News entries may now be commented :)

2013-03-17New Layout


EQEmuLauncher Beta will release with the brand new Layout from Filk. Thanks again, mate.

As you can see, there are still some little tweaks to be done, but i really like the new layout. Looking forward to beta. ;)

EQEmuLauncher V2.0 New Layout

2013-03-11EQEmuLauncher - Closed Beta Release 1.53


There is still some bugfixing to do, also graphicwise there are still some problems. Beta V1.53 got released now (for closed beta testers) and I hope by next week we will have the open beta phase running.

Here a little preview:

EQEmuLauncher Beta 1.53

2013-02-07EQEmuLauncher - Almost Beta ready!


All core features are implemented so far. I basically did all in 2 nights and some tweaking today :)
Before beta will be released, there are some more graphics to be done like the buttons and form backgrounds, and doing the last testing and communicating with the guys from the servers who wish to participate in the beta along with Akka's Funhouse.

There will be several layout changes coming up in the beta and some very handy features aswell, so something to look forward to.

For more Information, checkout the Project Roadmap.

Click HERE to download the CURRENT version (V1.24) of the EQEmuLauncher

2013-02-07Released Website


I decided to release the website as it is now.. pretty empty yet :)
But more to come...